Bristol Men Against Patriarchy got in the Kitchen and scoured Wikipedia this week to put on a Quiz Night and meal raising funds for the Anarcha-Feminist Conference happening tomorrow on Sunday 19th October in London. We had just over 20 people along for a meal of Chilli and Rice with corn bread, washed down with […]

Or, what we do in our meetings and why we do it. There is a reason why we changed our name from “Men Confronting Patriarchy” to “Men Against Patriarchy”. There is a reason why you don’t hear of us going around telling other people they are sexist bastards. It’s because we are not a group […]

We haven’t been updating this site much. Sorry if you have come to see what we are up to and assumed we don’t exist. We still exist! We promise! We are just rubbish at keeping this site up to date. We are however, not rubbish at making things happen in the real world. To prove […]

After our standard go round and open chat at the last meeting on July 1st we decided to talk about gender roles in activism, based in part on reading this article and others on gender roles. We started off with a conversation on the subject of how people fall in to these roles based on […]

The workshop we facilitated at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair in April 26th, entitled “Why Men Against Patriarchy” went pretty well. There were about 30 people packed in to a room designed for maybe half that, and it was really hot, but people managed to keep their concentration. In hindsight an hour was nowhere near enough […]

Our next public meeting will be on Tuesday May 13th at Kebele Social Centre – A Film and Discussion evening on Street Harassment Our next Mens group meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd June at Hydra books. After our go around to discuss any issues members want to bring up we will be discussion the […]

This was our first meeting since the Bookfair workshop, which I will write up here soon now I have access to this site. We had two new people come along who had attended the workshop and one other sent their apologies. It would have been great to get a couple more new faces as quite […]