Next Meeting – Gender Roles within Activism (with homework!)

Our next public meeting will be on Tuesday May 13th at Kebele Social Centre – A Film and Discussion evening on Street Harassment

Our next Mens group meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd June at Hydra books. After our go around to discuss any issues members want to bring up we will be discussion the topic of Gender roles within activism. This could be anything from how women invariably cook at events or take minutes or how men dominate meetings and more physical aspects. We could also talk about machismo attached to certain groups and scenes within activism. To get people thinking here is an article I wrote about Male domination of activist spaces and how we can maybe challenge that. We will attempt to come up wiht practical solution for how we can deal wiht these issues both within ourselves and in the wider community.

Our reading material for discussion during the last part of the next meeting is The Philly Dudes Collective “One Year (and a half)” zine. In the last few meetings we have talked about us doing more public events and  actions, and we are a new group, so it seemed sensible to read a review/critique a men against patriarchy group wrote about their first year (and a half) of existence. Philly dudes have been a huge inspiration of mine, what’s great about this zine is they critique what they did. They say what went well, what went badly and what could have been done differently, plus they provide a massive reading list. Hopefully we can use this zine to generate some ideas while avoiding the pitfalls that Philly Dudes collective made (no doubt we will find a whole new set of our own!)

So if you are coming along please try to read both the above texts, they are both quite short. However still come along even if you don’t get the opportunity to read them.




  1. James · · Reply

    To be fair men can’t stop all sexism, rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest, gay bashing, torture or war. Only that commited by men.

    Whilst by far the less guilty party women can perpetrate all these acts and suggesting otherwise is a false dichotomy reinforcing the stigmas for victims (of whatever gender) of female perpetrated violence

    1. You are correct. However this is a blog about how men can challenge patriarchy, not women.

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