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Why We Left Our Suits Of Armour At Home

Or, what we do in our meetings and why we do it. There is a reason why we changed our name from “Men Confronting Patriarchy” to “Men Against Patriarchy”. There is a reason why you don’t hear of us going around telling other people they are sexist bastards. It’s because we are not a group […]

We Are Alive!

We haven’t been updating this site much. Sorry if you have come to see what we are up to and assumed we don’t exist. We still exist! We promise! We are just rubbish at keeping this site up to date. We are however, not rubbish at making things happen in the real world. To prove […]

Meeting Review – 30/4/14

This was our first meeting since the Bookfair workshop, which I will write up here soon now I have access to this site. We had two new people come along who had attended the workshop and one other sent their apologies. It would have been great to get a couple more new faces as quite […]

Challenging Male Domination in Activist Meeting Spaces

Originally posted on The Peripheries of Anarchy:
I recently went to an interesting discussion on gender roles around work in the Men Confronting Patriarchy group I attend. (I hope to write my notes up about that at some point soon.) Also I jus read the zine “Gender Roles in Conversation” by Corrine Monet (1997), a summarised excerpt from…

Men Against Patriarchy (Pt1)

Originally posted on The Peripheries of Anarchy:
Last night I went to the newly re-formed Men Against Patriarchy discussion and support group in Bristol. I came away feeling very positive about how it went and feel like sharing some of the points that came out of it. Of course, everything said in the meeting is…

Coming up …

Next meeting Wednesday 4th December, 7pm @ Runcible Spoon. Discussion on being a Male Feminist “Ally” – please see suggested reading on the Ally Ships page.

Violence against women – it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz

TEDx talk 19 min: Jackson Katz Jackson Katz, Phd, is an anti-sexist activist and expert on violence, media and masculinities. An author, filmmaker, educator and social theorist, Katz has worked in gender violence prevention work with diverse groups of men and boys in sports culture and the military, and has pioneered work in critical media […]