Child Care & Gender Roles

After our standard go round and open chat at the last meeting on July 1st we decided to talk about gender roles in activism, based in part on reading this article and others on gender roles.

We started off with a conversation on the subject of how people fall in to these roles based on society and patriarchy but then veered off in to what we could do practically to redress the balance.

We came up with the idea of offering creches for some of the events we put on in Bristol plus offering creche services at larger events such at the Anarchist Bookfair. Child care invariably falls to women, and people with children become restricted with what they can attend and do, often isolating them from the community and thier interests. It makes little sense that our communities do not respond by offering child care, which is usually the preserve of the rich. Where child care is offered at events it is usually offered by other parents, and most commonly women.

As none of us have experience looking after kids, we first decided we will track down people who can help skill share that kind of thing. Once we have done this, where practical for us to do do will will endeavor to start offering creches at events. Watch this space!

Further reading:

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