Meeting Review – 30/4/14

This was our first meeting since the Bookfair workshop, which I will write up here soon now I have access to this site. We had two new people come along who had attended the workshop and one other sent their apologies. It would have been great to get a couple more new faces as quite a few seemed interested at the Bookfair, but two new people is a start and they made great contributions.

The go around became more about idea generation for future meetings and events which was useful plus others expressed interest in re-visiting past topics. We settled on revisiting the topic of how we as men often tend to problem solve rather than providing emotional support, or indeed expressing emotions. This was the topic we covered in our first ever meeting which I wrote up here. It was interesting that the two new people brought this up, just was we did in our first meeting a few months back.

We also touched on the topic of fatherhood and the role our parents played in our lives and how we interact with them. We talked about how our parents provided certain roles and we went to them with different needs. From there we looked at how that has affected our interactions with others. Could how our parents behaved towards us play a role in us perpetuating gender roles and societies perception of masculine and feminine? We will probably explore that more in the future.

We also chatted about promoting our next public event. COME!!!!!!

We now (I hope) have a fixed meeting date and location. The first Tuesday of the month and Hydra Bookshop on Old Market at 7pm. This will make promotion much easier.

Ideas generated:

  • Confronting sexism & machismo in the punk/gig scene
  • Re-visiting objectification
  • Gender roles
  • Role of our fathers/family in general
  • Patriarchy and Male domination in activism
  • Consent (with particular interest in the beginning of relationships)

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 3rd June – Hydra Books – 7pm-8.30ish


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